Foundry Availability

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G6 24.1 259 4 Link Vacant
G10 29.4 316 6 Link Vacant
A53 11.8 127 1 Link Vacant
A54 11.8 127 2 Link Vacant
A55 11.8 127 2 Link Vacant
F32 35.9 386 6 Link Vacant
F39 18.4 198 3 Link Vacant
F52 46.1 496 8 Link Vacant
Tenants Comments

"We can impress our clients without having to take them to our office space as the architecture of the entire building is great and really impressive"
(Richard Rawlins, Finn Communications)

"Although we are a smaller agency, being a part of the Round Foundry Media Centre makes us feel bigger than we actually are, as we are surrounded by similar businesses"
(Julia Mulligan, Sixteen Hands)

"As a business and service the Round Foundry Media Centre works really well for us and unlike most other businesses we do not wish to expand as our success lies in our ability to stay small and agile,  which the Round Foundry Media Centre allows us to do."
(Nima Poovaya-Smith, Alchemy)


For a range of larger office spaces within the Round Foundry, Marshall Mills and Tower Works developments please contact Creative Space Management on 0113 394 4300.