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  • Simone Crossland Painting Exhibition

    We’d like to highlight that colourful new artworks by Simone Crossland continue to be displayed in the Front Atrium of the Round Foundry Media Centre.  We are delighted to be showing such energetic and expressive paintings, they have become a wonderful focal point of the centre. 

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  • RandomStorm to RapidSpike

    The entrepreneurs that launched cyber-security firm RandomStorm at Round Foundry Media Centre eight years ago are back in the building again after selling the business for a cool £10m last year. RapidSpike is the second brainchild of Andrew Mason and Robin Hill.

    The startup brings the pair back round full circle, having previously been in the same offices they used when launching RandomStorm. However this hasn't proved daunting for the pair who have worked together for 15 years.

    The new business revolves around digital asset assurance. "Basically, Rapidspike monitors and tests digital assets such as e commerce websites,and anything connected to the internet - practically anything with an IP address" says Andrew,

    From the outset, it seems a noticeable departure from RandomStorm, which centred around security and at one point counted organisations from Premier league football clubs to swathes of the UK's local authorities among its customers.

    However RapidSpike exists to support and protect the digital assets of a company, just in a slightly different way. It finds the baseline of website performance and the scope of potential customers is massive.

    The firm can tell, using inhouse algorithms, what a company's website is capable of handling in terms of capacity.

    Andrew explains "RapidSpike's algorithms find the baseline of your website's performance, measuring speed against the average degradation of service, so that we can notify you of slowness on your site, which translates in real terms into the loss of sales.

    A load testing tool can tell you the capacity of the site, how many people are on it at the one time. Theoretically we can make ourselves look like an infinite number of users, but we tailor it to the specific needs of the company and their website.

    We simulate the user journey and sort out any kinks in the process, and can put a stress test on a website until it breaks, showing the customer its weaknesses.

    On days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday, US events in the retail calendar, which are being adopted over here, sites see massive spikes in audience figures and site usage, for example when Tesco site crashed.

    Firms like Apple, whose site is inundated when products are launched, and ticket sales for events like Glastonbury would be of particular use, but any site that has spikes in traffic could be helped by the firm.

    Load testing, availability testing and performance management of the site are all services that RapidSpike provides, and with no geographical constraints, the firm has the opportunity to go worldwide, whilst RandomStorm was very much UK-based.

    Ignorance isn't an option when you have an asset making your company millions"

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  • Jamie Williamson Photography Exhibition

    As days are becoming cooler and nights are drawing in, our new exhibition by Leeds photographer Jamie Williamson celebrates the autumnal beauty of this time of year.   Through the contemplative prints of the Yorkshire countryside, atmospheric moors and reservoirs appear stilled while shadowed trees are encased in Dickensian morning mist.  Although the prints at first appear calm, Williamson suggests the poignant contrast between the region’s natural beauty and the area’s industrial heritage through the angular industrial forms that are silhouetted on the landscapes’ horizons.

    Williamson’s work will be on show at the Round Foundry Media Centre for the next two months.

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  • Somewhere Else Photography Exhibition
    26 May - 24 June

    "Somewhere Else" is a duo exhibition combining two bodies of photographic work created by Leeds based photographers; Chelsea Waring and Same Carlin. Using different approaches, both bodies of work investigate a common theme of the past, exploring how humans experience and connect to different times and places. One Project represents this through fashion associated with a particular time and the other through objects associated with a person.

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  • Easter Egg Hunt
    24 March

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  • Finance Help Workshop with Russell Smith Chartered Accountants
    24 November

    Developed specifically to help guide companies within the Creative & Digital sector, Russell Smith will be leading an hour's workshop covering three important topics: how to increase your company's cashflow, lowering tax bills and boosting profit. 

    Over a free light lunch, the workshop will be a chance to hear Russell's advice as well as meet up with other companies from the Round Foundry estate.  With only 18 places being offered on this saught-after event, be sure to reserve your place from

    Please arrive at the Round Foundry Media Centre at 12.45 for a 1pm start.  The event will run until around 14.30.

    For more information about Russell Smith Accountants, please follow

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