Round Foundry Media Centre Culture

A few minutes walk from the city centre the Round Foundry and its surrounding area offers a vibrant, dynamic and creative community. With a mix of uses including residential business and leisure.

The area is one of desirability, with an increasing number of high quality amenities from lively Bars to Cafe's, all situated in various courtyards, retaining the great character and history of the original Round Foundry.

Out Of The Woods
"It's great down here, it's unique within Leeds and there's a great sense of community".
(Jon Baldwin)

Pickled Pepper
"It's the small things that make the difference. Our customers are our friends".
(Andy Midgley)

David Street cafe
"It's so easy to settle in at the Foundry, it's as if we have been down here forever."
(Jon Podesta)

Midnight Bell
"It's a tight knit community and we all help each other out. It's really nice to be part of such a vibrant development in this rapidly changing area of Leeds".

Cross Keys
"This is an up-and-coming area of Leeds, with so many new companies. It's generating lots of new business, which is brilliant"

Engine House
"There's such a mixture of establishments here. We're part of a growing community, and we've really benefited from our contacts within the Foundry, so thank you!"
(Catherine English)