Client Case Study

Alchemy focuses on the confluence of cultures across and within national boundaries, and the productive transformations that result in the visual arts, literature, drama, music and dance.

Nima Poovaya-Smith, their Director, says that the name 'Alchemy' has a symbolic meaning which links very strongly with the aims of this business. "The word 'alchemy' is both used to explain sudden transmutation, and also changing objects from one element into another. For example, attempting to turn lead and other base metals into gold – in essence finding the elixir of life".

Alchemy is supported by the Arts Council, who have strong links within the Round Foundry Media Centre. This demonstrates the tight relationships created within the Round Foundry Media Centre, bringing together company's to proceed new business ventures and opportunities together.

Alchemy began in 2004. Nima says that they came to the Round Foundry Media Centre due to its context as a "loose grouping of the arts" and because they felt comfortable there. Nima is often very busy and so she does not get round to attending many of the networking events, but she says the building as a whole is a great networking adventure, "I often bump into people unexpectedly from my sector when I just walk into reception".

Nima says that "As a business and service, the Round Foundry Media Centre works really well for us. Unlike most other businesses we do not wish to expand, as our success lies in our ability to stay small and agile, which the Round Foundry Media Centre allows us to do".